Posted on Dec 18, 2018

Joseph P. McClelland, LLC

Putting some final touches on a book we have been working on. I plan to release it for free for those in Georgia but charge people in other states.

The book goes through the importance of cleaning up bad errors on your credit report that were created as a result of fraud and identity theft.

Right now you can find some of the basic information from the link below. You can follow thru several articles and links to videos to get you going in the right direction.

If you are reading this and the book is not re-released yet, email my office and we can get you an updated copy as moving from the first edition to the second edition.

Please remember that you will want to get a police report, an affidavit from, and mail it to the credit reporting agencies and the creditors that are making the errors.

For the police report, some stations have put this info online so you don't have to go in the police station to file the report.

If the errors are not removed after the dispute, you can file a suit against them for money damages and making them fix the errors.

Call my office if this has happend to you or you need more information on this topic of identity theft.

If you need an identity theft lawyer in Atlanta, call our office right now.

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